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Sir Peter Ustinov






Portrait Leonard Bernstein




President Ronald Reagan and Kurt Arentz





Portrait PresidentRonald Reagan








Kurt Arentz with Portrait PresidentGeorge Bush





Portrait PresidentGeorge Bush














Hommage à A.Reynolds Morse and
Eleanor Morse


Europe - United States

The European Art Foundation supports cooperation of the countries of the European Union with the United States and other countries of the American continent through activities in the areas of art and science.

This transatlantic dialog is primarily supported by Germany. There are over 50 million citizens of German ancestry living in the United States, as well as descendants of numerous Jewish emigrants from Germany. The descendants of the immigrants from Germany and Austria form a valuable society, in which to cultivate cultural traditions in the sense of understanding among the peoples.

One official occasion for the bilateral cooperation in the United States is the annual German-American Day.

The Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush have made this annual event into an occasion for invitations to the White House. In many states the traditional organizations arrange celebrations and events to remember the German immigration more than 300 years ago. In 1983, the Vice President George Bush took part in the celebrations "300 Years of German Immigration to America".

The European Art Foundation also supports cultural projects in Germany and in other countries of the European Union, which serve the prestige of the United States. For this, those artists are placed in the center stage, who have special ties to Europe
To them belong the Czech-born POP-artist Andy Warhol, as well as the artist and art-object designer Alexander Calder and the Japanese-American Isamu Nugochi. Both of them lived and worked in Paris in the 1920s, and were touched by European influences.

At the events of the Foundation appeared among others the Hollywood star Sir Peter Ustinov and the musician Giora Feitman (Schindler's List).

The attention of the European Art Foundation is also directed toward personalities in literature and music.

To them belong among others the composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein. The European Art Foundation commissioned the sculptor Kurt Arentz to create a portrait-bust of Bernstein.

For the "Gallery of the Great Contemporaries" were also created the portraits of the American Presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Bill Clinton.

Letter of the American President Ronald Reagan to Kurt Arentz


European Awards for American Statesmen

The "Charlemagne Prize" of the City of Aachen

The international "Charlemagne Prize" of the ancient city of Aachen has been
awarded so far to the following American statesmen:

Henry A. Kissinger (1987), Secretary of State
President Bill Clinton (2000)

The "Charlemagne Prize" of the City of Aachen - President Bill Clinton - 2000

Environmental Award: The Ecological Eagle

The "Ecological Eagle" Award, which was initiated by the European Art Foundation, has been among others awarded to:

President Ronald Reagan
President George Bush
H.R.H. Charles, the Prince of Wales

H.R.H. Charles, the Prince of Wales with the Ecological Eagle

Boulevard Metropolis

A modern tool for the bilateral and multilateral dialog on a wide scale of the population, "BOULEVARD METROPOLIS" is an activity that is supported by the Foundation.
What is involved here is the arrangement of popular events and happenings in cooperation among European capitals such as Berlin-Paris-London-Madrid-Rome-Vienna and the metropolitan cities of friendly countries such as United States and Japan.